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Lash + Brow booster serum

Who can use TOURMALINE Serum?

TOURMALINE Serum has been formulated with plenty of natural ingredients and has been proven to be suitable for contact lenses users and people with sensitive skin and eyes. Additionally, the formula is oil free and water based which means it is also

When TOURMALINE will show results?

TOURMALINE Serum users often see results within just 28 days, but sometimes it can take a little longer. An independent laboratory test performed using TOURMALINE Serum on lashes and brows of woman aged between 19 and 54 showed that: After 28 days

What are the key benefits of TOURMALINE?

These are the key benefits of our TOURMALINE LASH + BROW Serum: * 2 in 1 brush (to cover every hair with precision) * lashes 36% longer looking in only 28 days of application * * 7 out of 10 people saw longer, thicker and healthier lashes * *

How to use the TOURMALINE Serum?

Before applying the TOURMALINE Serum it is recommended to remove any makeup residue. Avoid using oil-based makeup removers and cleaners. These can leave a film which may create a barrier between your lashes/brows and our conditioner. Step 1 Apply to

What is TOURMALINE Serum?

If you are looking for a product that can make your lashes and brows blossom, then SWATI Cosmetics has developed the perfect formula for you! LASH + BROW BOOSTER TOURMALINE SERUM is able to give you denser, thicker & stronger looking lash and brows