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What is TOURMALINE Serum?Updated 2 years ago

If you are looking for a product that can make your lashes and brows blossom,
then SWATI Cosmetics has developed the perfect formula for you!

LASH + BROW BOOSTER TOURMALINE SERUM is able to give you denser, thicker & stronger looking lash and brows in only 28 days with application two times per day!

The 6 top and most important ingredients of our formula are:

- Larch tree wood extract
- Carob tree seeds & Vitamin PP

- Provitamin B5 (PANTHENOL)
- Biotinyl Tripeptide-1

- Green Team Leaf extract

- Zinc

The Biotin promotes the hair bulb proliferation and an optimal hair anchorage and together with the Larch tree extract it activates stem cell division. Helpful for reducing hair loss and for making eyelashes appear longer, fuller and stronger.
The Green Tea leaf extract is a strong antioxidant that will stimulate hair growth by cleansing the hair follicles.
The Carob seeds increase hair strength and elasticity, repairing the one damaged.
Panthenol is absorbed by skin cells and converts to vitamin B5. This allows for essential hydration as well as making the lashes look thicker.
The Zinc will help the lashes and brows staying healthy overtime.

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