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Coloured Lenses

What colour lens will suit me?

We believe that our lenses are a way to express yourself and so you should choose the lenses that suit you the most! You can now try them before purchasing using our SWATI Instagram filters. Still confused, you can check out our Inspiration page

What are the dimensions of the lenses?

SWATI lenses come in standard dimensions of 14.2 mm diameter and 8.7 mm base curve. We provide powered contact lenses with optical correction for refractive myopia and hyperopia variants between 0 and -6. We do not have Toric, Cylindrical, and

How do I store the lenses?

To store SWATI Lenses you can use any lens case and lens solution you prefer. However, you should know that SWATI has developed a special Lens Solution. Our pH-balanced (7.4 ± 0.4) multi-purpose solution is an all in one solution ideal for

Can I use eye drops in case of dry eyes?

SWATI Lenses can be used with any eye drops in the market. However, we always recommend to check any particular condition with your optometrist.

I have two different powers. What should I do?

SWATI offer one power per pair. We do not offer two different powers per pair. In case of two different powers, you can purchase two pairs of lenses of one power per pair! One power for your left eye, one power for your right eye.

How long can I wear the lenses? For how many hours a day?

If this is your first time wearing contact lenses, you should slowly increase the time you wear the lenses each day. Do not wear the lenses for more than 4 hours on the first day, increasing the wearing time by 2 hours with each coming day. Cosmetic

Do I need an eye exam before purchase?

If you’re a first-time colored lens user, we highly recommend that you check with an optometrist first. Also, after purchase, we recommend revisiting your optometrist for an eye exam at least once every two years.

Do SWATI Lenses come with power/prescription?

Yes, all of our coloured lenses will have an optical correction of refractive myopia. They come with power from 0.00 D (Without Power) to -6.00D. Check out our product page for more details.

Can I wear lenses while sleeping?

That’s just a bad idea. But that goes for any kind of contact lenses, not just SWATI coloured lenses. Besides, what’s the point in wearing coloured lenses when you have your eyes shut, you should be busy dreaming!

Are the lenses one-size-fits-all?

All our lenses have a diameter of 14.2 mm and a base curve of 8.7 mm. That fits most eyes. But not all. So, it’s important that you check with an optometrist whether these parameters are suitable for you before purchase. SWATI offers one standard

OK. How long do the lenses last?

We offer the lenses in three durations: 1-day, 1-month and 6-months The validity o

OOOH, I LOVE THEM! Can I wear them like all the time?

Easy tiger, that’s overdoing it. We don’t recommend wearing SWATI coloured lenses for more than 6 hours at a time and please don’t use them every single day. Dare to be a little different from day to day, honey.

SWEET. But I cannot decide what color to buy! Can I get a free sample!?

Sorry, but that’s just not possible. You can have a look at our INSPIRATION page to have an idea of how our lenses will look on you! There you’ll find before-and-after pictures of our models. Look for a model with a similar eye colour to yours or

What materials are the lenses made of?

SWATI offers two different contact lenses based on the duration (the duration starts when you open the blister or the vial): 1-MONTH SOFT CONTACT LENSES Lens material: 58% 2-Hema Water content: 42% Base curve: 8.70 mm Diameter: 14.20 mm Central

But the lenses are safe, right?

Yes, they’re super safe and manufactured to international safety standards (ISO 13485) and bares the CE conformity mark. In other words, they’re just as safe as any conventional contact lens you buy at the pharmacy. But do read the online manual

16 languages? What languages are they?

The manual is available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese, German and Dutch. We wanted to do Rövarspråket too. But there just wasn’t enough time.

Interesting. How do I use the lenses?

If you’ve never used lenses before, there are a few things to keep in mind. But don’t worry. The lenses are delivered with a manual in 16 languages, containing all the information you need. And, we have an online manual too.