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How do I store the lenses?Updated 2 years ago

To store SWATI Lenses you can use any lens case and lens solution you prefer.
However, you should know that SWATI has developed a special Lens Solution.

Our pH-balanced (7.4 ± 0.4) multi-purpose solution is an all in one solution ideal for disinfecting, cleaning, storing and hydrating all soft and coloured contact lenses. This product maintains the colour of your lenses for longer durability.

You must always soak the lenses in fresh solution after each use.

Store them in the contact lens case filled with contact lens solution (IMPORTANT!! do not use any other kind of liquid, this will affect the lens, drying them and not usable anymore). If you wear your lenses infrequently, change the contact lens solution once a week.

You can use the SWATI solution or you can use any soft contact lens solution from the medical store.

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