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VANTA Eyeliner

Can VANTA Eyeliner be used alone? Or is it suggested to use it only when applying false lashes?

VANTA Eyeliner is a 2 in 1 formula, this means that it has two functions: you can use it alone and be creative with the line style, and if you want, you can apply false lashes too.

Is VANTA Eyeliner a magnetic eyeliner?

Our formula doesn’t work through magnets. One of our ingredients has an adhesive power that allows sticking the lashes in a simple and safe way without harming your skin!

Does VANTA Eyeliner formula contain nano-materials?

Our formulas have been created keeping in mind that some ingredients are not well tolerated from our skin and can potentially harm us or the environment (through their production and/or disposal). This is why our Eyeliner is formulated without

Can I use any lashes with VANTA Eyeliner?

Yes absolutely!! With SWATI Vanta Eyeliner you can use your old lashes or choose between our fantastic collection of lashes! However, we suggest you to try SWATI lashes, we have them in 6 different and beautiful styles!