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ONYX Mascara

Is ONYX Mascara waterproof?

We have tested ONYX on 25 women aged between 22 and 56 to make sure it would work for everyone every day life, in rainy days and humid weathers, at home or at the gym and we can happily say that our formula is water resistant, smudge and sweat proof

How to remove ONYX Mascara?

ONYX Mascara can be easily removed at the end of the day with water or oil based make up remover.

How to use ONYX mascara?

Using ONYX Mascara is very simple and it applies like any other mascara. We suggest you to follow the steps below: * Swirl the brush around inside the tube prior to application to make sure it’s nice and saturated with the mascara formula *

How does ONYX work?

ONYX has been engineered to enhance volume, creating gorgeous, richly pigmented, luxurious lashes. Your lashes will appear longer, stronger and healthier. Our unique formula contains 4 important elements: - Carob tree seeds Helps to increase hair