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What is the difference between disposable lashes and SWATI Lashes?Updated 2 years ago

The key differences between disposable lashes and SWATI Lashes are the lash design, quality of material, and how they are made.
SWATI faux mink lashes don’t need any trimming, can be worn up to 30 times, and are hand-crafted. Our fake eyelashes are designed in Sweden and come both in a rounded and flared shape.

Our faux mink collection is made of high-quality fiber with a soft feel and natural look, we recommend using our fake lashes with VANTA lash adhesive liquid eyeliner, but you can apply the eyelashes with glue as well.

SWATI Cosmetics Faux Mink Collection is a false lash collection and comes in six different styles. Vegan & cruelty-free false lashes with 3D feeling: Multi-layered, extra curled, edgy and lightweight. One style for every occasion, choose yours or get them all!

Amazonite is the style to go for if you are looking for eyelashes with a natural look, get that fake lash confidence that mimics your natural look.
Tanzanite is our multi-layered, medium length rounded style false lashes that merge fluffiness with a sharp look.
If you are looking for eyelashes with volume, then Crystal is the perfect choice! Its light criss-cross pattern will turn up the volume to the max.
Tiger’s eye eyelash design gives you a medium grade style and structured flair finish, and that lifted and flirty look.
Moving over to the style of Ultra-glam vegan eyelashes, Titanium with its intense volume will bring out your inner beauty queen in the blink of an eye.

If you are looking for the most glamorous and long eyelashes and be the center of attention, Marquina should always be the first option!

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